Fordham Prep in the Latest US Lacrosse Magazine

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If you haven't read the most recent edition of US Lacrosse magazine, then you've likely missed Fordham Prep mentioned within its pages.  There is a great article on the success of the Bronx Lacrosse program and the Prep got a nice shout out by Dan Leventhal, Bronx Lacrosse's founder.  

"They dream big.  Darius Voyd, another Highbridge Green seventh grader, said he wants to play lacrosse, basketball, and football at Duke.  Dreams are what make a sometimes difficult life more tolerable, but Leventhal also wants to set achievable goals.  He has taken the players to Fordham Prep, where they all want to go.  But not everyone can go to prep school.  Not everyone can go to Duke."

You can check out the online article here or digital version here.  The lacrosse program is proud to have hosted Bronx Lacrosse players and coaches for clinics, BBQs, and tours of the Prep.  We look forward to continuing to support Bronx Lacrosse and help grow the game in our backyard.